*Learn to cook high vibrational foods at home!

*Learn yoga alignments and proper posture for spinal health!

*Learn to plan and shop for all natural whole foods you can make quickly and easily in your busy lives!

Quick and Healthy
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Hear what people have to say about Feel Good Maui and our Quick and Healthy Whole Foods Cookbook!

Angie has the comfortable ability to make her group class teaching seem as if it's a private class - one to one. She brings each asana into it's basic movement and then shows us how each part comes together to create the full pose. Stressing alignment and demonstrating each asana herself, she brought to the class that to feel the full experience of each pose, the student must surrender their outer self to find the inner letting go. From beginning Om to ending Savasana, her class is a true spiritual journey.
- Bob Mikell, Yoga Instructor
Kula, HI

Angie’s program helped me live a more simple and healthy life through yoga practice and a healthier diet. She’s amazing, I recommend her services to anyone. - Chris Taylor, Makawao, HI

I have been on a quest for health and nutrition for the last 13 years. I have consulted many books through the years for nutritional advice and numerous books for recipe ideas. Often I have felt confused and misguided. No one has bridged the two important worlds of healthy nutritious food and absolutely fabulous flavor as well as Angie.
Angie has spent her years of experience as a chef, holistic health coach, and yoga teacher to bring together the most optimal food choices that taste wonderful! She is a truly spirited, compassionate, delightful woman. Angie's wisdom and cookbook truly changed my life. I feel wonderful and blessed. Simply put, Angie is the best. Her services are invaluable. - Carrie GiaQuinto, Harwich, MA

Angie is a natural teacher! She has the unique ability to connect with each of her students no matter how big the crowd. Her creativity and passion for all she does has inspired me to become more accountable to myself about the things I love and the lifestyle I want to lead. - Angel Devlin-Brown, Client Portland OR

Angie's a terrific cook. Though what really makes her so outstanding as a chef & a teacher is her total joy of food prep! Teaching w/ such enthusiasm & simplicity, she easily conveys to her fortunate students a deep understanding of their own food prep needs. I found it amazingly doable to continue making the wonderful meals she made for me & my family on my own.
Having her come stay with us for two weeks, teaching, nourishing, doing daily yoga with us, & generally regaling us with the great treat of her highly knowledgeable self, was the best thing we did together as a family in years. We have Angie to thank for pleasurably & effectively putting us onto an easy-to-maintain, healthy eating path. Connie Rios,
Author of "Ka Hana Pono"
Maui/Big Island, HI